1. Care tips

    Now that you've become the happy owner of a Green Mirrors mossarium, there are a few things you need to know:

    Terrariums are miniature ecosystems that perfectly imitate the life cycle in nature, and mossariums (terrariums with the biophilic design built exclusively from moss) are no exception to this rule.

    In this section you will find a complete care guide for your mossarium, but we take this opportunity to mention that we offer care services for all terrariums and mossariums created by Green Mirrors.

    Don't be shy and contact us since we also want the best for your terrarium.

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  2. Our story

    Green Mirrors is perhaps the perfect example of how a passion can bring together some of the most different people.

    There are many terms for what we do, especially in English, from "plant lovers" and "plant addicts" to "plant collectors", but most likely we are just normal plant breeders who discovered this passion a few years ago. And yet this not-so-extraordinary preoccupation has brought us down a road we started walking together almost half a year ago, a road whose destination is a dream – every house in Romania to have at least one plant and someone to take care of it - and we're marking the first milestone today: the launch of the online store with the first Mossarium Collection, Grow a Dream.

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  3. Services

    Terrariums. Living walls. Indoor plants selections.

    • Terrariums. In addition to the collection available online, at Green Mirrors we have the ability to produce customized terrariums. We handle full design, construction, installation and maintenance, from cutting and fitting glass to format, watering / lighting / humidification / ventilation systems, systemic treatments against parasites and substrate to biophilic design.
    • Living walls. For us, it started as a necessity to make the space as efficient as possible, but obviously we enjoyed the effects a living wall brings for the inhabitants of that space. That's why we are ready to build them in any space – home, office buildings, HoReca, you name it. Just give us a call!
    • Indoor plants selections. Some people like cacti and succulents, others develop a passion for orchids, and in recent years there has also been a loud gang of aroid lovers (of which we are proud to be a part). Whatever greens make your heart beat faster, we're here to provide you with the best growing solutions, a generous selection of healthy plants and assistance in caring for them.
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