Care tips

Thanks for joining the Green Mirrors family!

Now that you've become the happy owner of a GM terrarium, there are a few things you need to know:

Terrariums are miniature ecosystems that perfectly imitate the life cycle in nature, and mossariums (terrariums with the biophilic design built exclusively from moss) are no exception to this rule

In this section you will find a complete care guide for your mossarium, but we take this opportunity to mention that we offer care services for all terrariums and mossariums created by Green Mirrors. This means that we can either come to you, or you can send your terrarium to our workshop for a refreshment. Don't be shy and contact us since we also want the best for your terrarium.

The substrate we use as the basis for the biophilic design inside the Green Mirrors terrariums is a mix of volcanic rock and sand (obviously collected from Mount Fuji). Due to its porous consistency and its balance of minerals and nutrients, our substrate mix is ​​perfect not only for moss, but also for the rest of the plants in our terrariums, most of them aroids.

All Green Mirrors terrariums can be ordered with grow lights (you can find all the technical details about the lights we use on each product page). This allows them to be placed in any area of ​​your home or office. For the healthy development of the moss inside, to maintain a constant temperature and to minimize the risk of various types of fungi growth, we recommend keeping the light on for about 12 hours a day.

Air circulation is just as important as the light. That's why we recommend you open the terrarium once every few days and let it "breathe" for about half an hour. Take this opportunity to rehydrate the moss inside, without the fear of drowning it.

Moss has a huge absorption capacity; however, it is good to keep things in balance and not turn your mossarium into an aquarium. We recommend watering by spraying with distilled water or RO water, once every few days / weekly.

Because the moss we use in the biophilic design of Green Mirrors mossariums is sustainably collected from nature, although cleaned, it may contain spores. That is why we recommend you do not take the possible growth of mushrooms, lichens or other mini plants in our terrariums as a completely unusual thing - they are primarily a sign that the ecosystem is alive and functional.

However, moss is a sensitive plant with a limited lifespan, so we recommend you refresh it every 3-6 months, depending on its evolution. You can take care of this matter directly (soon we will launch the "Accessories" section, where you will be able to find both utensils - scissors, tweezers, brushes, as well as substrate or various types of moss), or you can give give us a call or a message and we can take care of it, for you.

Last but not least, as we specified in the product pages, Green Mirrors terrariums are populated with springtails. These are what we call "beneficial insects" - some very small insects that live on the ground and feed on dead organic matter and fungi (basically they are a kind of sanitary). That means they are your allies for a healthy ecosystem, and that's why we recommend you befriend them, not start a genocide against them.