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Plant species: Rhipsalis, Hoya macrophylla albo-marginata, Epiphyllum anguliger 

Taman' is the Indonesian word for garden, while 'dama' means ball in Japanese. Therefore, the Indo-Japanese hybrid term 'tamandama' means 'garden ball'.

Green Mirrors, through its artistic approach of mounting plants on a natural wooden support, replicates their natural growth environment. Most of the plants used in the tamandama collection are epiphytes, which develop and grow on tree trunks or branches without a specific type of substrate. The roots attach to the support, in this case wood, creating a floating mini garden that brings these plants out of anonymity.

Care instructions: The mount should be checked by touch. If the moss ball is dry and the mount feels light, it should be submerged in water for a few minutes or placed under a stream of water until fully hydrated.

Light: Full indirect sunlight, also tolerates direct morning or evening sunlight for a few hours.

Important note! Due to their unique nature, the mounts in the following photos are for presentation purposes. We work with live plants (whose flowers vary in color, shape, size), live moss, and pieces of natural wood, each unique in shape and size.

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