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Ø18,5cm X H30cm

*Biophilic Design:
various species of moss, GM substrate - volcanic rock and sand.

Moss species:
Polytrichum pallidisetum
Fissidens sp.
Dicranum fulvum
Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus
Hylocomium sp.
Hypnum sp.

*For the health of the ecosystem, we populate our mossariums with springtails. Springtails are some very small and cute beneficial insects that live in areas of high moisture and in organic debris, and they feed on decaying roots and fungi. We strongly recommend you keep them alive and treat them as your buddies

In order to keep the moss species alive and thriving, but also for the overall health of the ecosystem, we strongly recommend you keep the lights** on 12 hours / day.

**white color emitting LED lighting system included. More information here