• Green Mirrors Terrarium - Diorama 1
  • Green Mirrors Terrarium - Diorama 1

Green Mirrors Terrariums • Diorama #1

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Base & light:

*Limited terrarium series - only 1 left in stock.

L21cm x W9cm x H18cm

Biophilic Design: various types of plants and moss, Green Mirror bioactive substrate mix, Seiryu stone.

Plant species:
Ficus Pumila
Pilea Glauca
Selaginella Apoda
Peperomia Prostrata

Moss species:
Polytrichum Commune

Green Mirrors terrariums are populated with springtails. These are known as "beneficial insects," which are very small insects that live in the soil and feed on dead organic matter and fungi (essentially acting as janitors). This means they are your allies in maintaining the ecosystem's health and reintroducing nutrients back into the substrate.

For the healthy development of moss and plants indoors, maintaining a consistent temperature and minimizing the risk of various types of fungi, we recommend keeping the light on for approximately 10 hours a day.

*More information on the white color emitting LED lighting system here.


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