• Rhaphidophora hayi
  • Rhaphidophora hayi
  • Rhaphidophora hayi

Rhaphidophora hayi

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Plant Genus: Rhaphidophora


Plant species: Rhaphidophora hayi


Plant Family: Araceae


Native Plant: Endemic to Bismark Archipelago, New Guinea, Queensland, Solomon Is.


Soil Drainage: Very well-drained; we recommend a substrate mix composed of organic matter, perlite, pine bark, and sphagnum moss.


Soil pH: Acidic


Fertilizers: Requires fertilization during active vegetative growth with an N.P.K fertilizer according to preferences in diluted quantities. We recommend fertilizing with diluted solution at each watering. From October to early spring (March), reduce fertilization.


Air Humidity: For proper plant development, an ambient humidity level of 50% to 80% is necessary. Green Mirrors recommends attaching the plant to a support to promote leaf maturation and the development of fenestrations.


Temperature: 18-30 degrees Celsius


Light: Bright indirect light. It can also tolerate direct light for a few hours if the window faces east, which will enhance variegation.


Pot Height with Plant: 10-15 cm


Rhaphidophora hayi is a rare and unique climbing plant that grows as a vine in a "shingler" pattern in the humid tropical biome. The heart-shaped miniature leaves have a velvety texture and dark green color. The plant retains its miniature form even when mature, making it perfect for closed terrariums.


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