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Pterisanthes sp

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Plant Species: Pterisanthes sp.  

Cultivar: Pterisanthes sp. 


Plant Genus: Pterisanthes sp.  


Plant Family: Vitaceae    


Native Plant: Indochine, Malaysia, Phillipines


Soil Drainage: With high water retention, we recommend a substrate mix composed of organic matter, perlite, vermiculite, and sphagnum moss.  



Soil pH: Acidic  


FertilizersPterisanthes sp. is a plant that requires fertilization during the active growing period. For the proper development of the plant, we recommend using a bio fertilizer (we use the BioBizz brand for the plants we cultivate) from the beginning of March to the end of November. 


Air Humidity: This species loves humidity. Green Mirrors recommends keeping the plant at a humidity level of at least 70%, which makes it perfect for a terrarium/vivarium.  


Temperature: 20-29 degrees Celsius  


Light: Indirect to shaded light  


Pot Height with Plant: 25 cm  


Pot diameter: 7cm


Pterisanthes sp. is a plant native to Southeast Asia. It is characterized by metallic bronze-colored leaves. New leaves have white edges and veining that fade as the leaf matures. It is an ideal plant for terrariums. 


Best of luck with caring for it! And don't forget to give us updates about your plant using the hashtag #greenmirrors and tag @green.mirrors in your Instagram posts! We promise to share them in stories.  


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