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Philodendron Pink Princess

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Species: Philodendron erubescens

Cultivar: Philodendron Pink Princess

Plant genus: Philodendron

Plant family: Araceae

Native plant: Thrives in the humid tropical biome of Colombia.

Soil drainage: Moist and well-drained, we recommend a substrate mix composed of coco coir, perlite, vermiculite, sphagnum moss, pumice.

Soil pH: Acidic

Fertilizers: Philodendron Pink Princess is a plant with low fertilizer needs. However, for optimal plant development, we recommend using a bio-type fertilizer (we use the BioBizz brand for the plants we cultivate) with added silica, from early March to late November.

Air humidity: Although Philodendron erubescens is a species well adapted to indoor environments, with air humidity starting from 40%, Pink Princess thrives better in an environment with higher humidity. Otherwise, it may exhibit the famous "Cinderella foot" effect, where new leaves remain trapped in the petiole of the previous leaves.

Temperature: 18-26 degrees Celsius

Light: Full indirect light

Height of plant including pot: 15-20cm

Pot diameter: 7x7cm

Philodendron Pink Princess is a climbing aroid, with waxy green leaves speckled with white/ivory spots and pink chewing gum, with the leaf edge and petiole being red/pink burgundy, originating from a genetic mutation of Philodendron erubescens, which lives in Colombia, where it reaches maturity at 3-6m in height.

The leaves change shape and size as the plant matures, with one leaf reaching up to 40 cm in size.

Like all Philodendron species, Philodendron Pink Princess loves full indirect light (exposure to direct light can discolor its leaves) and moist substrate when the top two cm have dried out.

Attention! To check the moisture level of the substrate, inserting a finger into the pot at a depth of 2 cm is the best way to measure soil moisture.

Thus, if you feel the substrate is wet, keep the watering can away from it for one to two days, and if you feel it's dry, water it.

Attention 2! When watering, consider the pot in which the plant is planted, as well as the amount of substrate and its degree of aeration. In other words, don't pour a liter of water into a pot with a diameter and height of 12 cm, as you may drown the plant's roots. It's best to discard excess water from the collector pot half an hour after watering.

The plant should be mounted on a support pole wrapped in coconut fiber or moss, in which case the aerial roots will cling to this support, resulting in a plant with a more vigorous stem and increasingly larger leaves.

Good luck with caring for it! And don't forget to give us updates about your plant, using the hashtag #greenmirrors and tagging @green.mirrors in your Instagram posts! We promise to share them in our stories.

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