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Kokedama fern mounted on wood

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Plant species: Platycerium bifurcatum

Genus: Platycerium

Family: Polypodiaceae

Native to: Southeast Asia, Java, New Guinea, and Australia.

Green Mirrors, through its artistic approach, namely mounting it on a natural wood support, replicates the plant's natural growing environment.

Platycerium is an epiphytic fern that grows suspended in trees. It has a small rhizome and, with the help of sterile fronds, it covers the support for better stability.

The fern can reach colossal sizes in its natural environment, several meters in diameter and several tens of kilograms.

Care instructions: The mount should be checked by touch. If the moss ball is dry and the mount feels light, it should be submerged in water for a few minutes or placed under a stream of water until fully hydrated, avoiding water remaining on the sterile fronds.

Light: Full indirect sunlight, also accepts direct sunlight in the morning or evening for a few hours.

Important note! Due to their unique nature, the mounts in the following photos are for presentation purposes. We work with live plants (whose leaves differ in shape and size), live moss, and pieces of natural wood, each unique in shape and size.

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