• Marcgravia sintenisii
  • Marcgravia sintenisii
  • Marcgravia sintenisii

Marcgravia sintenisii

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Plant species: Marcgravia sintenisii

Plant genus: Marcgravia

Plant family: Marcgraviaceae

Plant origin: endemic to Puerto Rico.

Soil drainage: medium retention, we recommend a substrate mix composed of organic substrate, perlite, vermiculite, sphagnum moss.

Attention: It is recommended that the substrate be kept consistently moist but not excessively wet, to prevent root necrosis.

Soil pH: acidic

Fertilizers: Marcgravias generally do not require constant fertilization, considering the substrate contains organic matter. It is necessary for the fertilizer to be diluted to avoid root burn.

Air humidity: For proper plant development, a high level of air humidity is necessary, ranging between 70% and 90%.

Green Mirrors recommends attaching the plant to a flat support for better attachment and growth.

Temperature: 18-27 degrees Celsius

Light: indirect bright light

Plant height with pot included: 15 cm

Marcgravia sintenisii is a perfect species for terrariums, growing as a "shingler" vine in the moist tropical biome. New leaves are usually in various shades of red (depending on the degree of brightness) and transform into dark green as they mature.

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