• Maranta leuconeura Silver Band
  • Maranta leuconeura Silver Band
  • Maranta leuconeura Silver Band

Maranta leuconeura SIlver Band

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Species: Maranta leuconeura 

Cultivar: Maranta leuconeura Silver Band 

Plant Genus: Maranta 

Plant Family: Marantaceae 

Native Plant: Brazil 

Soil Drainage: Moist and moderately drained; we recommend a substrate composed of coconut coir 

Soil pH: Acidic 

Fertilizers: For the optimal development of the plant, we recommend using a bio fertilizer (we use the BioBizz brand for the plants we cultivate) from early March to late November. 

Air Humidity: It's a plant adapted to indoor spaces, thriving well in air humidity starting from 50-55%. 

Temperature: 18-27 degrees Celsius 

Light: Full indirect light 

Height of the plant including pot: 20-35cm 

Pot Diameter: 12cm 

Maranta requires specific care to thrive, needing a consistently warm spot and bright but indirect light (keep them away from direct sunlight). Keep the soil moist and provide them with additional humidity by placing them on a tray with wet pebbles.  

Maranta Leuconeura "Silver Band" is a darling of plant lovers, appreciated for its leaves defined by a silver band placed along the central vein. The lime green veining arcs to the leaf margin, having a ribbed texture. Moreover, the light and dark green shades between these veinings highlight the silver band in the center of the leaf. Like all Marantas, Silver Band also raises its leaves at night. 

Attention! To check the substrate's humidity level, inserting your finger into the pot to a depth of 2 cm is the best method for measuring soil moisture. 

So, if you feel the substrate is wet, keep the sprayer away from it for one to two days, and if it feels dry, water it.  

Attention 2! When watering, consider the pot in which the plant is planted, as well as the amount of substrate and its aeration level. That is, do not pour a liter of water into a pot with a diameter and height of 12 cm, as you may drown the plant's roots. It is best to discard excess water from the collector tray half an hour after watering. 


Good luck with caring for it! And don't forget to give us updates about your plant, using the hashtag #greenmirrors and tagging @green.mirrors in your Instagram posts! We promise to share them in stories. 


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