• kokedama Spathiphyllum
  • kokedama Spathiphyllum
  • kokedama Spathiphyllum

Kokedama Spathiphyllum (peace lily)

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Scientific name: Spathiphyllum cochlearisphatum

Genus: Spathiphyllum

Family: Araceae


Kokedama is an aesthetic developed in Japan, which through its display method enhances almost any type of plant.

The etymology of the word translates as "moss ball" (koke-moss, dama-ball) and is considered to be an innovative and creative way to enhance any space by abandoning traditional pots.

Care instructions: Kokedama should be checked by touch. If the moss ball is dry and light, it should be submerged in water for a few minutes or placed under a stream of water until fully hydrated.

Light: Full indirect sunlight.

Important note! Due to their unique nature, the kokedama in the photos are for presentation purposes. We work with live plants (whose leaves and flowers differ in color, shape, and size) and live moss.

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