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Dioscorea discolor

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Plant Species: Dioscorea discolor, synonym Dioscorea dodecaneura Plant Genus: Dioscorea

Plant Family: Dioscoreaceae

Native Range: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela


Soil Drainage: Moist and well-draining soil rich in nutrients is recommended. We suggest a substrate mix containing peat, perlite, and vermiculite. The substrate should not be allowed to dry out between waterings.

Soil pH: Acidic

Fertilizers: Dioscorea discolor is a low-maintenance plant. However, for optimal growth, we recommend using a bio-type fertilizer (we use the BioBizz brand for our cultivated plants) from early March to the end of November.

Air Humidity: This plant is well-adapted to indoor environments.

Temperature: 18-29 degrees Celsius

Light: Bright indirect light.


Height of Potted Plant:

  • Size L: 20-25cm
  • Size M: 10-15cm

Pot Diameter:

  • Size M/L: 9x9cm


Dioscorea discolor (Dioscorea dodecaneura) is one of our cherished plants at Green Mirrors (well, actually, they all are) because it's probably the perfect plant for any plant enthusiast in the world. We haven't found a single downside, so let's focus on the reasons it's a plus:

  • It's practically a "weed" And we're not exaggerating at all. It grows like crazy – the more you prune, the more it grows. We trim ours monthly to keep them somewhat in check. Every plant lover's dream, checked!
  • It's a climbing plant with slender stems from which heart-shaped, velvety textured leaves sprout, forming an absolutely unique color pattern that simulates a greatly magnified image resolution, showing only dark green, light green, and silver pixels. Mind-blowing, indeed.
  • It only needs a support to climb on and consistently moist substrate to conquer the surrounding space, with mature plants resembling wild swarms of butterflies.
  • Although we exclusively cultivate ours for biophilic design purposes, we've read that in its native regions, Dioscorea discolor is used both as food and for medicinal purposes.
  • It doesn't attract parasites and isn't prone to fungal infections. We can confirm from our own growth experience: our plants have never been infested with parasites or developed fungal infections.

Fun Fact: The genus Dioscoreaceae was named in honor of Pedanios Dioscorides, a physician and botanist who lived in the first century BC. And the epithet 'discolor' means two distinct colors.

Attention! To check the substrate's moisture level, inserting a finger into the pot at a depth of 2 cm is the best way to measure soil moisture.

Attention 2! When talking about watering, consider the pot in which the plant is potted, as well as the amount of substrate and its degree of aeration. For example, don't pour a liter of water into a pot with a diameter and height of 12 cm, as it will drown the plant's roots. It's best to remove excess water from the collector tray half an hour after watering.

The plant should be mounted on a trellis-like support.

Best of luck with caring for your plant! And don't forget to give us updates about your plant, using the hashtag #greenmirrors and tagging @green.mirrors in your Instagram posts! We promise to share them in stories 


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