It's no surprise that we're in love with Asian design. Probably one of the reasons, beyond the aesthetics itself, is the fact that there is a city in Asia as we would like the city we live in to be. And this city, Singapore in its name, is special because of the sustainability policies the public administrations have undertaken to make reality.

Singapore's first Green Masterplan for green buildings was launched in 2006, with the aim of encouraging real estate developers to incorporate sustainability as part of a building's life cycle from the beginning. Since then, the Plan has been constantly updated, reaching to extend its coverage to the greening of already existing buildings, the effects being quite clear: the reduction of the carbon footprint, and a healthy, viable and sustainable environment for its inhabitants.

Long story short, in 2021 the objectives of the Green Masterplan were announced - "80-80-80 in 2030", which means:
• Stepping up the pace to green 80% of our buildings (by gross floor area) by 2030
• Having 80% of new developments (by gross floor area) to be Super Low Energy (SLE) buildings from 2030
• Achieving 80% improvement in energy efficiency for best-in-class green buildings by 2030

By now I think we've all seen (even if not in real life) at least some of those gorgeous pictures on Instagram, of the vertical gardens growing on the exteriors of Singapore's buildings (higher or lower), turning it into a city from the future. We haven't made this long introduction because we are not aware of the difference between our city and Singapore, in outlook and life, overall.

However, this does not prevent us from dreaming of a time when we will live the same way. But until then we are responsible for our own green spaces, which each of us plant breeders take care of as best we can. And because we are aware that a plant's path to a healthy and happy life can be quite arduous and full of obstacles, we are happy to share all the knowledge achieved in the past 5 years of growing plants.

So, we are pretty experts in:

• Terrariums. In addition to the collection available online, at Green Mirrors we have the ability to produce customized terrariums. We handle full design, construction, installation and maintenance, from cutting and fitting glass to format, watering / lighting / humidification / ventilation systems, systemic treatments against parasites and substrate to biophilic design.
• Living walls. For us, it started as a necessity to make the space as efficient as possible, but obviously we enjoyed the effects a living wall brings for the inhabitants of that space. That's why we are ready to build them in any space – home, office buildings, HoReca, you name it. Just give us a call!
• Indoor plants selections. Some people like cacti and succulents, others develop a passion for orchids, and in recent years there has also been a loud gang of aroid lovers (of which we are proud to be a part). Whatever greens make your heart beat faster, we're here to provide you with the best growing solutions, a generous selection of healthy plants and assistance in caring for them.